Sunday, September 19, 2010

Improving the staircase

One of my teachers sent me this video. I thought it was a good inspiration to say that we can change a lot of things through design. This was a very creative way to make more people use the stairs!

Person Swap

I went to a lecture and this neuroscience/artists guy and he showed us this video. i think its cool, but I think that he is more of an illusionist. His other videos were funny but weird. Figured maybe someone would like this.

Printmaking, Ceramics

Here are some of the better pieces that I have created from printmaking and ceramics class. i have loved all the work I have done, but here is a brief look at it.


This is the model that we created out sophomore year as Interior Design Majors. It is showing the construction of a house from the foundation to the roof.

Exhibit Design space for Kohler

This is a part of my Exhibit Design Project I did my Junior year!

The First Picture is a top view of a 50'x50' space that is designed for Kohler.

I made a specific water table for them to house the new shower head they came out with. There you can have fun and interact with the shower heads.